About Us

Kermode is an American privately-held, biotechnology company focused on solving the challenges of animal health. Our immediate focus is on livestock viruses such as African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) and Swine Flu (SIV or S-OIV). Our current pipeline includes 2 products and is focused on both therapeutic antibodies and immune-stimulating vaccine peptides against ASFV:

• KT100 is an ASFV vaccine

• KT101 is an ASFV therapeutic antibody

Our Approach

We are utilizing computational approaches to define vulnerable targets in viral structure, genetic composition and replication cycles. Once these targets are defined, we deploy state-of-the-art antibody discovery platforms to isolate therapeutic candidates with the highest potential to protect livestock against viral infections. This approach will allow Kermode to identify strong antibody therapeutics and construct vaccine candidates with long-lasting in vivo responses.

The Kermode (kər-MOH-dee) bear is a unique species of black bear that is spiritually revered by the First Nations people of the North American West Coast. The Kermode or “Spirit” bear has a very rare recessive single point mutation that gives it unique features. In First Nations lore, the Kermode bear is symbolic of the previous ice age and a reminder of the hardships that were overcome by the native tribes during this period. It is our vision at Kermode Biotechnologies to exemplify the strength and perseverance of the spirit bear through scientific fortitude to prevent the hardships of future pandemics that result from the transmission of diseases from animals to humans (“zoonosis”).

Our Team

Our goal is to provide an exceptional level of research, and we aim for lasting partnerships with our partners and our global communities.